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2019 Arab Health

In February 2019, our company organized to participate in the Arab Health exhibition in 2019. During the exhibition, our company exhibited some newly developed products. The main products of our company are:
Neoprene knee support
Knitting knee sleeve
Neoprene ankle support
Knitting ankle sleeve
The Back and Waist support
Wrist support
Neoprene here support
Knitting here sleeve
The Back and Waist support
The Arm sling
Shoulder support
Sports gloves
Wrap Bandages
The back posture corrector
Orthopedic Rehabilitation Braces
Copper compression  sleeves/Braces

Attracted the attention of many customers, some customers have clarified the purchase intention during the exhibition,  we also got primary customer inquiries after the  exhibition end , some of the recent orders have been clinched. We will continue to participate in Arab Health in 2020 and provide more advanced products and technologies. See you in 2020!