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Maintenance of Goalkeeper Gloves

1. Gently rinse with clean water, the water should not be too large, but it should be comfortable. After washing, put it in a cool and cool place to dry.

2. Clean gloves immediately after competition and training. The temperature of the water should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Use a sponge to remove dirt from the surface, but don't wear down the gum. Use detergent. If the court is particularly slippery, use old gloves before practice and replace them with new ones during competition. It is important to note that old gloves can be used for training and replaced or replaced before a race, depending on field conditions and weather conditions, or if you prefer.

3. The glove palm and wet before the game, to improve the effect of ball, you must watch the game so much, when his own penalty area before there is a risk of direct and indirect set pieces, or each other before preparing to penalty, the goalkeeper will habit of spitting some froth on the glove palm with moist, enhance the friction and resistance, to control the ball strength and strength, protect the fingers, reduce hand damage degree, better to complete the defense of the ball. Note that in rainy days, the goalkeeper must bring a towel, in the attack or midway game idle, wipe the protection of gloves, to ensure that the gloves are clean.

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