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How many Kinds of knee braces?

There are four main kinds of knee braces:

  • Prophylactic knee braces. These are designed to protect knees from injuries during contact sports like football,they are Keeps you protected against impact & injuries,

    Reinforced edges enhance comfort and durability 

  • .Prophylactic knee braces
  • Functional knee braces. These give support to knees that have already been injured.
    Functional knee braces

  • Rehabilitative knee braces. These limit harmful knee movement while a knee is healing after an injury or surgery,

    Proven Compression Technology, Promotes faster muscle recovery & blood circulation

  • .Rehabilitative knee braces
  • Unloader/offloader  knee braces. These are designed to provide relief to people who have arthritis in their knees,

    l Effective and comfortable all day support for work day or work out

  • .Unloader/offloader  knee braces

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