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How to lower your back pain?

  who is usually get the back pain?

  •       the prevalence of elderly women, mainly because we were inside the body of the endocrine disorder caused by calcium deficiency and body pain, back pain often have a wide range of muscle aches, limb weakness, lower limb bending deformation.
  •      manual workers and office workers, and the lumbar disc herniation with trauma and strain is closely related to the area is mainly in the waist, with sciatic nerve pain, leg pain, limited movement. Cough, sneeze, pain pain intensified after bed rest pain relief.
  •  the more common disease in juvenile ankylosing spondylitis, it is a kind of immune disease, the range is wide, and each of the local climate, season and close. Late gradually lumbar bent, not straight waist, caused a great impact.

What can I do to lower my back pain?

  you can use a back belt,just like back belt



l Offers two additional side pulls for better fit and tension adjustment

l Helps form correct posture and avoid back injuries while working or lifting heavy loads

l Made of high quality mesh cloth, breathable and soft fit for skin

l Contour fit, very comfortable to wear on a daily basis and unnoticeable under clothes

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