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Improve the physical fitness level of children and adolescents for health

  Nowadays, the health and physical fitness of children and adolescents appear in people's vision. "Physical Fitness" not only includes modern physical elements represented by physical fitness and motor ability, but also takes the implications of mental, psychological and social adaptation into account. Improving physical fitness is of great practical significance for improving the health status and reducing health risks of children and adolescents.

  In recent years, myopia, obesity, physical fitness decline, low age of chronic non-communicable diseases, abnormal child posture and spinal health have affected children's health. The data show that the myopia rate of children and teenagers in China is high. One in seven girls and two in eight boys are overweight or obese; Pull-up and other strength quality decreased significantly; Hypertension and diabetes are no longer rare in children and adolescents, and the incidence of scoliosis tends to increase. According to incomplete statistics, the incidence of abnormal body posture (long and short legs, hunchback, neck forward extension, high and low shoulders, etc.) is more than 80%.

  Most of the health problems of children and adolescents can be improved through comprehensive physical fitness exercisesand and shoulder posture corrector . For example, the study found that children and adolescents' outdoor time and myopia prevention and control are closely related, and scientific and reasonable physical fitness exercise, is bound to greatly improve children and adolescents' outdoor time, so as to play a good role in preventing myopia; Based on the campus environment, carrying out scientific and reasonable weight control exercise for children and adolescents can improve the phenomenon of overweight and obesity. Through effective movement ability and movement skill learning, more children can be good at sports and then fall in love with sports. The transformation from forced movement to active movement is conducive to fundamentally improving physical fitness level and reducing the incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases. Furthermore, exercise children's ability to maintain the body posture related muscles, so as to improve the body posture abnormal high incidence of the severe situation, prevent idiopathic scoliosis, so as to avoid only for physical fitness test items carried out "sports exam-oriented education" and so on. Grasp the physical fitness to improve, seize the health risks of children and adolescents "seven inches", play a multiplier effect.

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