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Is it necessary to wear a pregnancy back brace after delivery

It is necessary to wear a pregnancy back brace after delivery. After delivery, corset and corset pants can be used. Corset can help reduce the waist circumference, while corset pants can help effectively tighten the abdomen and waist circumference, reduce the proud flesh in the buttocks and prevent the phenomenon of back pain. Mothers who have experienced cesarean sections usually wear corsets after delivery. The band can help the new mothers support the waist and reduce the pain caused by abdominal curvature wound. Note that the use of corset pants should be under the guidance of a doctor. Corset pants and corset belts should only be used during the day and should not be too tight to ensure good blood circulation. Also, it should not be used too late, generally 1-6 months more effective. Don't use it for too long a day.

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