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Is it necessary to wear knee supports

  Nowadays, more and more people are fond of sports, but many people don't know how to equip themselves with good sports equipment, which can keep our bodies from getting hurt. So it is necessary to master the correct way to use knee supports, because knee supports undertake the task of part of the muscles around the knee to assist the muscles to support and maintain the stability of the knee, so as to protect the knee. Because of this, long-term use of knee supports will lead to insufficient exercise of the muscles, and become weaker and weaker. Once you do not wear knee supports, you are more likely to suffer from knee injuries. Therefore, for people with healthy knees, general exercise such as short jogging, walking, cycling, etc., do not need to wear knee pads. For people with knee injuries, knee supports can be properly worn, but at the same time, attention should be paid to the exercise of the muscles around the knee.

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