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The INTERNATIONAL Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) released its latest world ranking rules on December 23.Under the new rules, grand Slam events of the World Professional Table Tennis League (WTT) will be included in the top ranking list, along with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Table Tennis Championships and the Olympic Games to become the top three events in the world ranking "pyramid". ,The winners of these three events can all get 2000 ranking points. In addition, the new world ranking framework takes into account a player's career path from youth to adult tournaments by providing table tennis world ranking points for players in the U19 age group of the WTT Junior series. The rule, which will take effect in 2021, also changes the table tennis world rankings from the ITTF world rankings.

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  The WTT series is expected to host four Grand Slam events each year, and how players perform at these events will be a key factor in determining their table tennis world rankings. In addition, the WTT World Cup final winner and the ITTF World Cup champion can both earn 1500 ranking points. Winners of other WTT championship, Star Challenge, Regular Challenge, Future Star Cup, Youth Star Challenge, youth Challenge and other events are also awarded ranking points.

  In addition, the new world rankings include a move to update the rankings every Tuesday instead of every month; Ranking points will expire after 12 months; The automatic shortlist of players will be determined by the ranking when the registration deadline is closed; The ranking points will be obtained according to the rotation of the players. Players who qualify from qualifying will be awarded qualifying and qualifying points; Only the best intercontinental/international events are in the middle of the best eight.

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