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What do you need to pay attention to when you exercise

  Exercises can build your body, improve your looking, change your brain and reshape your life. Just go to do exercises.

The following sports tips are worth collecting.

1. Make good preparations before exercise to prevent muscle and ligament damage.

Morning is human body most "hollowness" when, also be reduce weight optimal period. However, it is not possible to exercise for a long time on an empty stomach, because at this time the blood sugar concentration of the human body is very low, too much exercise is easy to cause dizziness or even vomiting.

3. The time of midday motion had better choose in the afternoon 3~6 when, because at this moment the period with more abundant body energy, belong to the period of time that human body moves most appropriate.

4. It better to do exercise an hour after dinner. Can be in moderate hydration after exercise, but do not add a large amount of food, so as not to affect digestion and sleep.

In addition, it is not recommended to do exercise after 10 o 'clock in the evening, otherwise the nerves are too excited, the body is tired, it will be difficult to sleep.

Exercise intensity is not more the better, especially for people just starting to exercise, the body needs rest and recovery.

6. After strenuous exercise, should not immediately rest, should not immediately take a bath, should not binge drinking, should not eat a lot of sugar, should not immediately drink, should not immediately smoking.

7. Choose the right place to exercise and avoid places that are too humid or hot.Choose the right  sports braces and supports

8. Do not force exercise when you are tired or sick (such as a bad cold), so as to avoid aggravating the illness or accident.

9. Eat right and don't exercise on a full stomach.

10. The exercise must be combined with breathes, the exercise effect is more significant. Inhale when your muscles are stressed and exhale when you're relaxed.

11 sports is the body and mind of the combination of sports, when you are sad, sad, angry, do not use sports to vent.

12. Walking is a very good form of exercise, suitable for all kinds of people.Also you need a best knee brace for walking

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