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Which exercises are suitable for sport gloves

While sport gloves are great, not all exercises are suitable for wearing sport gloves! And different sports require different gloves!

1. Wearing sport gloves with wrist protector function When exercising breasts

Wrist protectors, as the name suggests, are gloves that protect the wrist. Due to the high degree of freedom of wrist movement, the stability is relatively low. Especially in the large weight of the time, it is easy to produce greater pressure on the wrist. It's easy to run the risk of wrist sprains which can be severe enough to cause fasciitis without any protection. At this point, wearing gloves with wrist protection function can help you hold the wrist and improve stability.

2. Wearing light weight gloves when practicing your arms.

When training arm shoulder, the wrist will often move such as bending birds, bending dumbbells arm extension, bending and so on. These movements wrist hook stimulation more intense, gym dumbbell grip mostly use ergonomic design, thicker gloves will affect your grip feeling. So choosing a lightweight pair of gloves will greatly increase your workout effectiveness.

3. Wearing sport gloves with power function when practicing your back.

Some common back exercises: pull-ups, barbell rowing, high pull-downs, etc., all require the palm of the hand to hold on to the machine, while your lats fatigue take precedence over the lower arm muscles (here refers to heavy weight training, such as weight pull-ups, heavy weight rowing, high pull-downs and hard pulls).The power gloves can help solve this problem.

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