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Why do you wear gloves when you exercise

Good grip

One of the main advantages of wearing sports gloves is that they give you a better grip when you exercise. When you hold a dumbbell or barbell, some people are prone to slide pole problems, especially those with sweaty palms. The anti-skid design of sports gloves in the palm makes it easier for users to slide under the influence of sweat when holding the equipment, and also makes it safer for users to do weight-lifting, weight-bearing pull-up and other sports.

Feel more comfortable

Exercises which need to use hands frequently such as dead lifts, stick exercises, bench presses, etc. If we are easy to feel uncomfortable, we may quickly end or give up the exercise. After all, exercise equipment is hard, cold equipment, and some people with bare hands and thin palms will be visibly uncomfortable; When it's cold, cold irons are even less pleasing, so wearing relatively soft sports gloves increases comfort, which in turn leads to improved performance or longer periods of exercise.

Increased wrist support

Currently, some sports gloves are designed with extra wrist support, which allows you to tie the part of the wrist tightly to increase stability and provide more support when the wrist is folded back. It also provides some degree of wrist protection.


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