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Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba did a record $14.3 billion in sales on Singles Day Wednesday, breaking last year's record and blowing past its estimates of $11 billion in sales.

The precise sales figure as the clock struck midnight was $14,341,847,366, according to Alibaba.

Double eleven is now not only the Chinese people's festival, but the world festival. This day is a day of global shopping spree, each shop are played the lowest price to attract the family of online shopping. 

To our surprise, this also a high-profile sports together. For example, in the "double 11" The day before, a certain brand of smart bikes in 1111 after the opening rush eight minutes sold; major shopping site, fitness equipment, sports wristbands, racket, shirts and other products favored; some of Running Forum, running friends began early discussions "double 11" equipment purchase Raiders. In clothing, electrical appliances, daily necessities play a leading role in the "double eleven" stage, eager for sports products, also want a slice of the shopping spree.

Sports consumption rising momentum, thanks to incentives, but also benefited from rising civil awareness of fitness. Over the past year, the development of the sports industry for all to see. Major commercial giants formations, people staged a fierce competition for the future is full of imagination; sports O2O (online to offline) have sprung up in the application platform, running, sports software which recording when riding The new choice to become lovers; entrepreneurs aiming blue ocean sports, sports IP (intellectual property) become hot words. Good development of the industry, and constantly stimulate new consumption hot spots.

On the other hand, warm folk exercise also promote sports consumption. I have a lot of friends around, to run since joining the army, not only became interested in running shoes, but also uniform DAI Qi movement bracelet; at the same time, going to the gym to play a badminton tournament, to the outskirts of rock climbing, going to the gym training, have become the current fashion.

 "Double 11" section of this man-made, step by step evolved into a global consumer carnival, reflects the Chinese and world embracing hoof disease and step steady pace. This shows that China's development will certainly resides among the world development trend, but also for the common development of all countries of the world to inject more vitality, bring more opportunities.