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Address: Industrial Park of Wujian Town,Jiangdu District,Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China

Yangzhou Li Nining Sports park, build by Yangzhou Guangling and extraordinary Chinese Group. This large park is for the purpose of fitness of people. It covers an area of 265 mu, building area of 51,320 square meters of sports venues.It contains the sports area, , sports and cultural areas and service facilities area, of which a total of 24 badminton courts, 16 table tennis, two swimming pools, six Futsal soccer fields, five basketball courts, 4 tennis courts, at the same time provided with an outdoor pool and a children's water park and other sports and entertainment facilities, these facilities will be open free to the public on a regular basis.It is worth mentioning that the three kilometers of the park year-round outdoor aerobic plastic runway will be open free to the public, the track consists of two parts, one is the overhead corridor; the other is on the building roof, the roof landscaped gardens and sports jogging track perfect fusion of form a complete "mountain" track, the public can follow the track climbed onto the roof, then the long-term perspective, a beautiful view of Li-Ning Sports Park at a glance.

So now Yangzhou people, can wear your knee support to running,walking, wear your tennis wrist support or elbow support or calf support to playing tennis, basketball or football. It's very important to take care of your body when you are training, playing,exercising.