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When we play Badminton, tennis, basketball and soccer and other sports, the knee is certainly one of the often injured joints, Runyang Sport professional sports care brand, which professional knee function varies, please refer to the following options:

In the form of "knee support version" there are four type of knee support

Sleeve type, ribbon adjustment type, horizontal support belt, Wound bandage

A Sleeve type

Applicable to general functional activities, such as long walking, health-based. Full of knees to produce a certain pressure, for some long-term movement after the knee pain will be very helpful to , and a little support, knee a slight sprain is also applicable.

Material categories, there are knitting and neoprene category, in general, knitting is characterized by breathable comfort, and neoprene type of strong force but not breathable. Another knitting for knee arthritis can play a better health effects of wool, nano-bamboo charcoal and other advanced materials.

B  ribbon adjustment type

For the knee often need to change the direction of movement, such as badminton, tennis, basketball and football. Because this sports knee brace can be self-adjusting through the adhesive to adjust the pressure, more able to bear the knee when the force by the reverse, the protection effect is better than the above and durable.

Because you can pull more tightly, after the end of the movement to remove the sports knee brace , let the muscles rest, to avoid giving too long oppression.

 horizontal support belt

Lightly horizontal support with the design, although not wrapped in the entire knee, can not prevent knee injury nor reduce the swelling of the function, but for the soft tissue below the patella has a strong support role. Because of strenuous exercise and suffering from front knee pain can be used, such as badminton, tennis often need to return in a short time back and forth, and basketball needs to jump again and so on.

Wound bandage

the knee strap have good flexibility  , but  the support effect is limited,  the high stretch material makes the knee strap easy to wrap, for limb swelling, with ice or hot pack to fix the use.

In addition to pinched knee,  also can be used for thighs, calves and other parts.

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