carpal tunnel wrist brace 0427-1

  • Model:0427-1
  • material:Nylon,velcro,Foam particles
  • Size:one size
  • Color:Black
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carpal tunnel wrist brace

high quality carpal tunnel wrist brace
 ms039_ttx  ITEM INFO
 ms039_ttd Brand:Runyang
 ms039_ttd Product Name:carpal tunnel wrist brace
 ms039_ttd Item:0427-1
Size:One size
Usageexecise, sports, medica, warm, protection 
Material:Nylon,velcro,Foam particles

 comfortable carpal tunnel wrist brace

Soft breathable carpal tunnel wrist bracecarpal tunnel wrist brace metal steel

  • this carpal tunnel wrist brace fit both left and right hands, to provide the most versatility and convenience
  •  The carpal tunnel wrist brace is ideal for those suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendonitis or for those that need support for their weak and post-cast wrists
  •  Soft breathable materials with cushioned beads that supports neutral hand position for the best comfort to help encourage a speedy recovery
  •  Help speed up recovery from carpal tunnel, sprains, post-cast, tendinitis, and arthritis by keeping your hand in a neutral resting position when sleeping to ensure its stabilized for proper recovery
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